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Science fiction and fantasy author

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Book Three
Exiled: The Legacy of Lathraine's Pledge

Will the Deathbringer survive the Dragon's lair and succeed in ridding the south of an alien pest?  What price will he pay for survival? 

Exiled Autumn's Peril - Cover ImageSpider glanced toward the shadows lurking beyond the fire’s light.
The way his hands shook made adjusting his lantern difficult but he needed more light. Swallowing fear he peered into the cave’s gloomy depths. The regular sound of Braidon’s snoring did little to ease Spider’s edginess as he kept his eyes on the gloom. Although the darkness seemed complete, he had seen a movement. Something moved in the darkness.
Spider caught his breath. A light flickered. A stalactite obscured his view. Spider moved. When he looked directly toward the glow, nothing showed but when he turned his head again, he noticed the flutter of an unnatural light source.
He dropped the flask and lantern and sprinted back to the fire where Braidon slept. “Wake up!” He shook the forester. All the while Spider kept glancing over his shoulder, fighting to breathe. His heart hammered in his chest. Braidon woke with a grunt and focused on Spider’s urgent alarm.
“Show me.” Braidon’s ancient calm frayed. Creases deepened around dark eyes and the line of his mouth grew taut. The forester grabbed his sword although the forces of sorcery reverberating off the cavern walls called for mystical weapons rather than steel.
Dragonslair Island harbored more sorcery in every grain of dust than Spider cared to explore. Still, Braidon’s blade inspired courage.
“Look.” Spider pointed. Shadows billowed out of untrammeled darkness. “I saw a light… faint. Almost nothing. Look there it is again…”
“Sun and stars,” Braidon stepped around the hub of a large stalagmite, blocking light shed by the fire’s glow. “Here, you can see from here… if you want? Something is moving in the miasma. The question is… is it friend or foe?”
“God knows. I don’t know if I want to.”
“Whatever ‘it’ is, they may need our help.” Braidon swallowed. “Or they may be looking for revenge. Either way we’ll know soon enough.”
“Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” Spider said.
Faint light showed one of the human sized mounds that littered the cave floor ripple and undulate like rising dough.
“Perhaps.” Braidon gestured for silence.



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