Rosalie Skinner

Science fiction and fantasy author

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Extract from Book Six
Underground: The Day of The Sun

Cover ImageGabrielle screamed.

“Get the children out of the cart!”

Caleath scrambled under the jenny’s neck and pushed her hard against the solid rock, searching the cliff above them for an overhang. While the creature brayed with fear, he dragged her below a protective ledge. Scanning the path, he helped Gabrielle secure the children under the cart before more boulders bounced across the path.

A terrified howl sounded from further down the trail. People shouted, children cried, and animals panicked. The awful yowl of a donkey’s bray disappearing into the emptiness brought reality home. As the number and size of falling rocks increased, danger paralyzed many of the convoy.

Caleath comforted Bianca as the child cowered underneath the cart. With Gabrielle hugging Simon, they huddled over the children, praying for the rockslide to end.

Beneath his feet, the ground shivered and began to shudder. He clutched irregularities in the rocks and shouted for the children to hang on to him. The dirt behind his heels sheered away from the cliff. The jenny and cart disappeared. The rumble of falling rock drowned the screams of terrified humans and the wail of frightened animals.

“Hold on to me!” Caleath’s fingers lost their grip. “By the One, hold on!”


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