Rosalie Skinner

Science fiction and fantasy author

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Book Seven
Adrift: In Search of Memory

Tag Seawell needs to find out who he is, before the black fits he suffers get worse. What does a vessel carrying wizards and powerful warriors want with a backwater sailor?

Exiled Autumn's Peril - Cover ImageTag Seawell’s strange turns are frightening his shipmates. Each time his eyes turn black unexpected things happen. He can’t explain why. When strangers come to town searching for a man of his description, the locals fail to mention his existence. The stranger’s arrival and departure before Tag returns from sea, give him his first hope of learning about his past and perhaps curing him of the unexplained fits he falls into. Leaving his woman behind he follows the strangers and embarks on a perilous and confusing voyage of discovery.

Nothing prepares Tag for the revelations his journey brings. From pirates, to warring dragons, whales, starships and an alien god, new experiences jog old memories. Discovery comes with a price. Why does Death want his unborn child? Why does a race of sorcerers want his help? How is he supposed to influence warring dragons and how does he know and do things he should not know?

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