Rosalie Skinner

Science fiction and fantasy author

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Book Four
Exiled: The Battle for Enderseer Hold

Will the Deathbringer resist the temptation to fight on the side of Evil and save his friends? Will the Legacy of Lathraine's Pledge prove a burden or a blessing?

Exiled Autumn's Peril - Cover ImageNight fell with the force of a widow’s broom, to sweep sheets of ice and rain across the valley. The storm drowned the evening in despair and the loneliness of starless skies. In the forest, men and Vergöttern prepared for the tempest. They lashed tent frames, cleared trenches and constructed drainage ditches in haste. Horses turned tails to the wind, heavily rugged and well protected from scavenging wolves.
Lamenting howls of Wilden rose as a counterpoint to the wail of wind as ill humor and discontent drained morale from the entrenched force. Only the light from a sullen cooking fire offered warmth and welcome. Men prayed the Karzran would find unsettled weather an impediment too thwarting to overcome. Despite their silent plea, they remained watchful, armed and prepared for any sign of a resumed offensive.
Within Enderseer Hold guards looked across a nigrescent forest, thankful they could rely on basalt walls to shield them from nature’s fury. Whistling wind screamed along weathered corridors and open stairwells, creating a cacophony that made speech a worthless exercise.
Deeper in the depths of the hold somber men and women prepared for their night’s activities, with one ear listening as the storm beat against the stronghold’s fortifications.



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