Rosalie Skinner

Science fiction and fantasy author

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Book Four
Exiled: The Battle for Enderseer Hold

Will the Deathbringer resist the temptation to fight on the side of Evil and save his friends? Will the Legacy of Lathraine's Pledge prove a burden or a blessing?

Exiled Autumn's Peril - Cover ImageAzriel’s plans of endless domination are coming to fruition. Nasith’s care is her first priority as she persuades the Deathbringer to concede to her wishes. Each day he delays capitulation gives the forces allied against her another chance for victory. They face more than another season of winter warfare. An adversary from history swells the ranks of Azriel’s army. The people of Allorn must defeat a foe whose very touch is deadly as they face a witch who stands supreme.



Read an unedited extract from Exiled: The Battle for Enderseer Hold.

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